See How A Custom Mobile App Can Help Your Community Health Initiative Reach Out

Community health initiatives and not-for-profit businesses can take different forms. Some community health programs are center-based such as a counseling center for those grieving the death loss of a loved one whereas other community health programs are mobile. Whether community members seek your services at a set location or you help them achieve a heal-related goal at their convenience (e.g. a quit smoking hotline), community outreach initiatives can be bigger, better, and more effective after investing in a custom mobile app. Furthermore, positive buzz about your community health initiative can help open doors for free PR and increase referrals. Reach out to your community with a custom mobile app and let them know what your vision is, what your plan of action is, and what you have to offer.

Who are you and what do you do?

Many not-for-profit organizations are pressed for cash and might compromise the quality of services offered to stay afloat. More visibility can grant opportunities for free and meaningful advertising, such as a segment on the local news or feature article in a widely-read blog or magazine. It's difficult to change the world if no one knows you exist. A custom mobile app can help get your name and the story behind your community health initiative in the spotlight with some of the following features:

    Blog or podcast about your cause, current issues related to your initiative, and tips to help those who you are not currently associated with
    Success stories that illustrate the impact your health initiative has on individuals and the community at large
    Easy in-app cash donations and arrangements for non-cash donations on your wish list (e.g. volunteers to donate meals, volunteers to donate time, businesses to donate services, or new office supplies)
    Monthly updates about what you're doing that is new and why (e.g. adding bilingual service providers to your staff to better serve the community)

An overall increase in visibility beyond your mission statement can help community members know you're there to help. Similarly, increased visibility can help other community members connect with your cause and offer to make a monetary donation or volunteer their time.

Why a custom mobile app can help

Without visibility and meaningful differentiation from existing services, your not-for-profit might as well be a slowly failing business. A custom mobile app can give community members a chance to understand what you are all about and why they should become personally invented in your community health initiative. Let new and accessible mobile technology as a tool to make your community a better place.

A Custom Mobile App can help you're Not-for-Profit Business succeed with its may features. It will give the community a chance to see what you are all about and understand how they can help an in-app cash donation or a non-cash donation is great for people to volunteer their time to donating office supplies.

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