A Dentist Is an Essential Part of Society

There are several professions that are seen as extremely valuable to society. For example, people esteem people like doctors, lawyers and even professional sports players. Although all of these people have their place, a dentist should also be included in the list. That is because these oral specialists are skilled in the area of dental health. Without them, almost everyone would have rotten teeth or gums that cause them great pain. The good thing is no one has to settle for this type of reality.

One of the main things that these professionals are known for is their ability to prevent cavities. Whenever someone goes in for a checkup they may be intimidated by all of the equipment they see. However, these pieces of equipment are vital to their oral health. With them, the professional can clean out plague as well as identify if there are any cavities that need to be addressed. So, in many cases the specialist will notify the patient if there are any issues. Then they will talk about available treatment methods, if necessary. The great thing about this is that they are able to identify a cavity before it spreads even further, causing more damage.

A dentist can also help to prevent and treat other more serious diseases or issues that could cause someone to have severe pain, such as wisdom teeth. These professionals are able to take x-rays in order to see which direction the teeth are growing. If they grow the wrong way, they could possibly get stuck beneath the gums, causing pain as well as other issues. For example, if the tooth stays below the gums, then they can't be cleaned. This can cause major dental issues. So, a dentist can spot the issue and suggest that the wisdom teeth be pulled. If someone were to skip their dental visits, they would most likely not realize their issue until it was too late.

A dentist is also able to talk to their patients about healthy dental practices like flossing and brushing. This may seem like a minor issue. However, it has been found that people who don't brush and floss regularly open themselves up to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. So, by having someone to talk to and remind people about the importance of taking care of their teeth, people will be able to live a dental lifestyle that will help to maintain their health.

So, a competent and skilled dentist is able to help people maintain a beautiful smile along with their health. Therefore, when thinking of the people who are important in society; these specialists should not be overlooked.

How Society Impacts Obesity

It is not a surprise that the number of Americans that are overweight or obese has been increasing rapidly over the years. It is like an epidemic that the country is struggling to control. If we could go back in time and think about it, obesity was not a problem and it started to be an important issue in the past 20 years or so. Therefore, the problem lies in today's society, and the question is: What has changed? And what could be done?

The first reason is that we live in a world of scientific and technological innovations and those improvements are integrated in our lives. Internet, video games, smartphones, computers, TV's, I Pads, and so forth, are the reasons why children spend more time at home than ever before. The easy access of internet and some networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter have dramatic impacts on children's and teenagers' lifestyle habits. Instead of exercising and socializing with friends, people are playing online games and socializing through the Internet. It is the online generation. However, the longer children and teenagers stay at home, the more likely they will eat snacks, drink sodas, and so on, which increase their calories consumption.

The second reason is that we also live in a world that is known to go by the sentence: "time is money" making adults feel stressed, which adds more pressure to their daily activities. Adults are getting busier and busier, working extra hours, or even getting two different jobs. That phenomenon causes people to decrease their leisure time, which makes them not exercise and eat unhealthy food because they end up looking for the fastest and easiest things they can possibly find - fast foods. In order to save time and money, fast-food restaurants became the solution. However, this specific type of restaurant is now serving larger portions of food as well, causing people to consume extra calories.

Consequently, the decreasing free time and technology improvements have influenced society to change people's habits, and the changes in these lifestyles have negatively impacted the obesity rate to be unacceptably high. The first step to take is to help people becoming more active in order to be healthier. Exercising and eating healthy are a matter of choice; we can always choose to eat healthier and better, and to exercise daily. Just keep in mind that, obesity is a serious health problem that can cause people to increase the chances of having diabetes, heart diseases and stroke, liver problems, hypertension and arthritis, and even cancer. This is why America is facing a serious health challenge when it comes to fight obesity.

Society is aware that obesity is the result of poor diet and a lack of physical activity. However, not much is being done by the people that are obese or overweight because they feel acceptable and comfortable in the US society. It is obvious that these people need more information about what to do, what to eat, and the risks they incur by being overweight and obese. It is well-known that healthy food is very expensive and in order to save money, people end up buying unhealthy food. However, obesity leads to more health care expenses and more health problems later in life.

The obesity epidemic can be controlled if everyone decides to change the way they eat and live because a difference can be made if everyone decides to change their lifestyle habits. It will take time because weight loss is a slow process, but it is a matter of choice. Healthy food is available and people can choose to be healthy by not over consuming. People consume what is convenient but not what is good for them. It is clear that being overweight or obese is not healthy. Solutions are available to all. It is time to improve America's health situation. Think about the future and make a change.