Available Community Healthcare For Low-Income Families

Obtaining quality healthcare might be readily available for some, but certainly not for everyone. Those who cannot afford health insurance, have low income, or do not have the opportunity to enroll in an insurance plan are sometimes left suffering the consequences. However, particular clinics throughout the state of California, have been set up to meet the needs of these types of individuals and families specifically.

A Clinic that offers these services might be the only chance for some to receive any type of healthcare at all, and are fortunately available for those people who need them. The hardest part for some, however, is knowing what to look for and how to find these services. When searching for a community clinic with primary services, there are a few things to consider and look for.

First, look at your own needs, as well as the needs of your family, and determine what your options are to meet those needs. After researching your options, you can better determine exactly what your financial and welfare needs are and what type of facility will meet those needs best.

Secondly, consider the amount of time, in years, that the services have already been under way. You want to make sure they are well-established and have a history of committing quality care throughout the duration of their existence.

The next thing to look for is to make sure your clinic of choice is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. That means that they are federally qualified to render primary services to those in need with a program and plan designed specifically with that intent.

Lastly, when seeking out primary services in Yuba City, including dental and healthcare, seek out a network of migrant and community health centers who stand available and ready to help.

Del Norte Clinics, Inc. http://www.dnci.org/ a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers that are community based, offering quality family primary services.

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