Reducing Mortality with Vitamin D

It is very important to understand that mainstream medicine in the US is using doses of vitamin D and 25 OH levels that are too low for achieving the health benefits of vitamin D.
Doubling vitamin D levels most cost effective way to reduce global mortality rates, study

Increasing serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D is the "most cost-effective way to reduce global mortality rates", according to a new study.

The sunshine vitamin: How much is enough?
The sunshine vitamin: How much is enough?
In a paper assessing the likely impact on mortality rates of doubling serum vitamin D levels from 54 to 110 nmol/l in six regions of the world, Dr William B Grant estimates that this would increase life expectancy by two years across all six regions.
"The predicted reduction in all-cause mortality rates ranges from 7.6 percent for African females to 17.3 percent for European females", claimed Grant, who is a director at the San Franciso-based Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center and the author of several papers on vitamin D.
His latest study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concludes: “Increasing serum 25(OH)D levels is the most cost-effective way to reduce global mortality rates, as the cost of vitamin D is very low and there are few adverse effects from oral intake and/or frequent moderate UVB irradiance with sufficient body surface area exposed.”

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